What Every Boudoir Website Needs

You’ll notice that I’m starting this with the very strong opinion that every photographer needs a website. Plenty of people will tell you that they are successful without a functional, beautiful website and I don’t doubt that one bit. However, a solid website will do so much of your booking for you if you know what to focus on. So here’s what every boudoir website needs.

Here are some things that are an absolute must have for your boudoir website:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
    • If you haven’t ever had anyone ask you questions as a new business, take a look at others in your industry. Think about what questions you would have if you were to hire someone in your field. Maybe even questions you have had.
  2. How to Contact you
    • Contact forms are a great first step, but some people may want to e-mail you directly for other opportunities. Also, what happens if your contact form goes down or you miss an e-mail? Having your e-mail address readily available will make it easy for potential clients (or referrals) follow through.
  3. A portfolio of your best work
    • Potential clients want to see what your work looks like! So pick 20 or so of your best images and put them in an easily accessible gallery. If you want to tailor what you show a bit less – Make galleries of several clients to showcase the full experience of working with you.
  4. Your client’s experience/journey with you
    • Clients don’t know what to expect unless we tell them! I have a blog post and a chart on my website that shows folks how their journey will go in detail. The more informed and empowered we make our clients, the more ready they are to book with you.
  5. Your story
    • People invest in the person behind the business.You want to explain how what you provide will help solve their problem and if you were in their shoes before, even better. They’ll quickly be able to tell if you are the kind of person they want to invest with.

Here are some things that are optional (but suggested) for your boudoir website:

  1. A Blog
    • Blogs are great because you can use it to show more portfolio images and build authority through informative blog posts specific to your niche. Again, an informed client is an empowered one.
  2. Pricing
    • Some people put a starting price, a range, an average price, or nothing at all. While I don’t find it necessary to present pricing – I like to weed out clients who are price shopping and I have a readily available range for folks on my website.
  3. A Newsletter Opt-in
    • If you’d like to convert more clients and building trust with your clients, you can give them something easy to read and informative. A selfie guide, a lingerie guide, a prep guide, or any other fun freebie you can think of!

Looking to see some examples of boudoir websites that do these things well? Check out some wonderful boudoir websites I’ve found around the internet:

  1. Good Bodies
  2. DC Boudoir Photography
  3. Copper Key Studios


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