5 Boudoir Photographer Hacks you should Implement

In every business, there are things that can make your life easier and things that can make your life infinitely more difficult. It takes a little bit of trial and error, but with some time and effort, you can make your business a well-oiled machine. So – here are 5 Boudoir Photographer Hacks you should implement immediately if you don’t do them already.

1. Turn on Tips in your invoicing

This one was life-changing for me. We’re a service-based industry and although tipping is not the norm, it’s an amazing surprise when someone does it for us. You should make it as easy as you can for this to happen. Some clients don’t tip me at all, and one client tipped me $800 once. You’ll run the gamut, but you’ll get some amazing surprise money too!

How to turn it on in: Dubsado | Honeybook | Quickbooks | Stripe | Square

2. Create (or commission) a visual design of your availability.

Design created by Your Brand of Magic

These graphics do several things for you. They create a sense of urgency. They keep your clients updated in case they were waiting for the right time to book. It shows them that you are in demand. Feel free to fudge the spots by 1 or 2 for an even bigger sense of urgency. Let ’em know that you’re booked and busy, y’all.

I will be designing new options for this soon, but if you’d like a (nearly) free set – join my Patreon.

3. Create a Hidden Page or Canva PDF full of knowledge for clients

This doesn’t have to be extensive, but it should make your job easier. Your template should be easy to update and easy for your clients to read. I recommend making a hidden page on your website so that it’s optimized for web, but you can also create a guide on Canva and link your clients to it.

Things you can add to your PDF:

  • Product Guide
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Payment Plan Guide

If you don’t know where to start – grab our Investment Template that you’re easily able to customize right in Canva and link to your clients.

4. Create a referral program

Photo taken by Adri Guyer of the Good Bodies Pool Party

I get a large amount of clients from word of mouth. My client experience has been dialed in through some trial and error and my clients get so excited working with me that they want their friends to see and experience us too. I want to reward that. So think of some perks for the person who does the referring and for the person who books you. You could give them a percentage off, you could give them a low cost product at no additional charge, etc.

Communicate this to all of your clients throughout their process.

5. Send your clients questionnaires (pre & post)

Set both you and your clients up for success by sending out a questionnaire. Your pre-session questionnaire should cover things like pronouns, nudity, injuries, and anything else that could affect your session together.

Your post-session questionnaire should give your clients time to reflect on your session, and it can set you up to write a blog post from their point of view. Some of my favorite policies or things I’ve changed in my studio came from feedback from my clients.

Do you already do these things? Are there any of these that feel like they could change your


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