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mission-based boudoir

The idea of providing folks of all genders with a luxury boudoir experience is super exciting but intimidating to you. You’ve photographed some locals and are super pumped to continue doing so but aren’t sure how to start charging more than a few hundred dollars for it.

What if it’s easier than it seems?
You can walk away able to:

Consistently close sales worth thousands

Craft a luxury boudoir experience to write home about

Receive inquiries without relying solely on Facebook Groups

Build an inclusive and permission based boudoir studio

wmnknd boudoir

Tay is an incredible mentor. She really is an open book and has so much knowledge of how to run a profitable business. She was able to help me transition from shoot and burn to IPS successfully, which raised my average sale for a boudoir session from $400/session to $2400/session.

I could not recommend this amazing educator enough.

Her values when it comes to business also made me want to work with her. Tay has helped me make my business more inclusive. The ongoing mentoring option is so worth every single penny. Having someone in your corner like Tay to support and guide you while you grow your business into everything you dreamed it could be is PRICELESS. 

I GREATLY appreciate and acknowledge how much Tay has improved my sales and the experience I give to my clients through her mentoring. 

applications are due by july 1st at 5PM CST

what we'll cover

Pricing for Profit using an income calculator

Creating a workflow to take your time back & automate leads

How to market outside of Facebook including a web audit

Finding your niche in a sea of boudoir photographers

Displaying a consistent brand across platforms

Creating a luxury client experience worth six figures

How to confidently run In Person Sales calls

How to find and create a unique boudoir studio

what's included in this price

3 or 6 months of 1:1 coaching

The sales script I use to consistently sell $4,000 collections

20% at the Tay Nelson education shop

Access to me & the other students via a private Discord server

(2) 45-minute calls per month

Our Boudoir Boss Income/Expense Calculator & Notion Dashboard

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